Let us take care of your legacy income.

More charities than ever before are benefiting from the generosity of donors leaving a gift in their will. And with that generosity, comes responsibility on the charity’s part, to ensure that gift is realised and has the biggest impact for the cause as possible.

In fact, Trustees have a personal legal responsibility under Charity Law to manage their resources responsibly, with reasonable skill and care, and in line with the charity’s best interests.

This role is best delegated to a skilled and experienced legacy officer, who is qualified to carry out the role.

For many charities, employing someone at this level can be unaffordable, particularly when there isn’t enough case work to warrant a dedicated member of staff. Instead, this role can often be given to members of staff who lack the training to carry out the function well, and it can expose the charity to unnecessary risk and mean they lose out on potential income.

That’s where Legacy Link’s outsourced legacy administration service can help.

Last year we secured over £100m in legacy income for charities through our outsourced legacy administration service. Here’s how it works.

It’s personal

We assign one of our experienced legacy officers to work with you and manage the full administration of your legacy income.

It’s efficient

Our consultants can work up to 50% faster than an equivalent member of staff.

It’s cost-effective

Save valuable office space and reduce overheads.

It’s flexible

There are no set up costs or monthly retainers to pay, we simply charge for the amount of work required each month within your budget.

You’re in safe hands

Our consultants are fully qualified and indemnified for £2m, giving you peace of mind.

Charity testimonials.

  • “Excellent value for money – I couldn’t recommend Legacy Link’s service highly enough.”

  • “Legacy Link has administered Greenpeace’s legacies for over three years and also undertaken forecasting and training for us. Highly professional, they deal with ease with the most complex cases; we are very happy with Legacy Link’s services.”

  • We have outsourced our legacy administration to Legacy Link for several years. We receive regular reports on cases, we know the work is in good hands and the savings in terms of staffing and overheads make outsourcing well worth while.”