Meet the bursary winners – Amanda Hyatt

Ashley Rowthorn News

A month on and I am still surprised to have been chosen as one of the winners of the Crispin Ellison Bursary Award for 2019, and absolutely delighted too.  I work for a local hospice (St Peter & St James Hospice, in Mid-Sussex) and only started dealing with legacy administration a year ago. It has been a steep learning curve but I find it really interesting and I realise legacy administration is the area I want to focus on in the future. 

What I particularly hope to gain from studying the CiCLA is to expand and improve my technical knowledge.  For example dealing with complex Wills, Wills where there is a life interest or assets passing outside of the Will and contested Wills as well as some of the more complex (to me) financial questions, such as charity tax exemptions and when income or capital gains tax needs to be paid.  As with many charities, legacies are a very important, and growing, source of income for our hospice.  At the end of the course I hope I will be able to maximise legacies for our hospice, manage an increasing caseload of legacies and be better equipped to work sensitively and cooperatively with executors and solicitors. 

Thank you for this opportunity, I really appreciate it and am looking forward to starting my study.

Amanda Hyatt