Secure your legacy income through this time of crisis

Ashley Rowthorn News

The sudden and unexpected impact of Coronavirus has affected all our lives. It has made everything seem very uncertain and there is a real concern for those especially at risk.

We also know that there is a very real risk to legacy income, which funds around 15% of all charity income in the UK, and therefore a big part of the vital work your organisation carries out.

Legacy Foresight have produced a very helpful analysis of the potential impact of Covid-19 which you can read here.

But we know as well as the big picture, your organisation may well be struggling with the challenges of staff becoming unwell or having to self-isolate over the coming months. This could impact your ability to manage your legacy pipeline and affect your income in the short term.

We appreciate you have got a lot to think about, but we can help you through this time:

We support many charities this way and are very used to working remotely, with the relevant IT and data protection procedures in place.  We are very happy to help you set up for remote working if this is not something you are used to supporting.

We have consultants available who can support you straight away so please do get in touch.

You can contact me on 07736 835571 or by email to

Keep safe and wishing you and your loved ones the best.

Ashley Rowthorn, Managing Director at Legacy Link